About Me

I am a Master Teacher of Simply Music® encompassing over 15,000 hours of teaching experience.

I was a classically trained violinist for 9 years as a child. Later, I took several years of traditional piano lessons and eventually taught myself how to play jazz. In truth, I never dreamed I’d become a piano teacher, until one day I was introduced to an amazing musical educator from Australia who had developed a successful piano method overseas. Neil Moore had just had chosen Sacramento, California, as his American base -and test market- in 1998 to bring his method to the United States.

I was truly amazed by the results which I had observed with my nephews after a only few months of lessons with Neil Moore himself. All three actually loved their lessons. They were playing music that I knew should have taken years to learn – not months. I remember being shocked when I discovered their results were not unique, meaning other Simply Music® students were reproducing results that were just as amazing. They were playing mature sounding music – and not just playing in the middle part of the piano like new students usually do. I wondered what was going on? I looked into it closely and fell in love with the whole Simply Music® methodology. I wished I had learned this way, but decided I really wanted to show others this method. As Neil established residency, I became one of his first teachers to be trained in the United States. He taught me how to teach.

After my first training, I moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento. I have seen this method grow and flourish. Currently, there are teachers in about half the states, in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

I have maintained a full-time private practice now for almost 20 years in the Old Land Park area of Sacramento. I teach more than 50 students a week. Besides private lessons, I’ve also taught this method in private schools, to home schoolers, at local piano stores, and have performed introductory workshops sponsored by the Belle Cooledge Library, Sierra 2 Center, and the Hart Community Center. My students ages range from 6 to Seniors. Because of its continuing development and advances, I love introducing students to Simply Music probably more now then I did then when I first started.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, by appointment, I schedule free “Meet and Greets” for prospects. During those, we both discover if there’s a good match. These last about 45 minutes and are mandatory for everyone before signing up for lessons.