Meet & Greet

On Wednesdays and Thursdays I schedule FREE Meet and Greets, by appointment. They last about 45 minutes. Besides getting questions answered, I provide a sample lesson which typically gives people a direct experience and an opportunity to go home and play a song.

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For parents of children.

Determining if your child is a good candidate for piano lessons can be discovered with the Meet and Greet. During that process we both discover if it is appropriate for us to go forward with lessons But before getting your child to a Meet and Greet, parents should be answer a few questions for themselves.

Does your child exhibit a desire to be musical? Do they ever just go to a piano/keyboard on their own to try to play it? Are they captivated by music when they hear it being played? Do they choose to listen to music? Did they ask you to take lessons? And, can they follow instructions?

The answer to these questions are telling, and will steer you in the right direction. If the answer to most of those questions is no, then that is important to know and take seriously – for now anyway. However, if the answer to most of those questions is YES, then take the next step and set up your Meet and Greet.

Most importantly however, if your child tried traditional piano lessons but didn’t like them, PLEASE try the Simply Music method!