Lesson Programs

Lessons are once a week, and contracted for 10 weeks at a time. Lesson are on the half-hour, same time and day, each week.

I charge $39/ lesson, so for 10 weeks = $390. Students also will need to budget for Simply Music® materials. They are on a as-needed basis; on the average, budget as much as $150/year.

Students are required to adhere closely to instructions. That is how students produce the Simply Music® results. After 10 weeks, the average results have students playing 6-8 mature-sounding pieces with both hands. The students responsiblity is to practice at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. They will be required to agree to this to become a student. With these conditions in place, the method stays simpler, hence Simply Music. Without it, it gets harder. (Maybe hardly music?)

I teach in our home in old Land Park, close to the Tower Theatre and Cafe. (From the south, about 1 mile north of the Sacramento Zoo).

I don’t sign up students over the internet. Instead, the first step is to schedule your free Meet and Greet. Call (916) 447-7150